Uproxx Comments on Randazza Brief

Uproxx Comments on Randazza Brief


Popular news website Uproxx published an article on Thursday discussing the legal fight waged by attorney Marc Randazza, seeking to protect the Klingon language from copyright protection. Randazza filed the amicus curiae brief pro bono on behalf of the Language Creation Society in the matter of Paramount Pictures v. Axanar Productions.

The problem with that argument is that Klingon is very much a living language. The Klingon Language Institute has focused on translating the English classics into Klingon, and translates current SF stories as well. Official government communications have been issued in Klingon. You can even use Google in Klingon. Few, if any, of these projects were licensed by Paramount, and even if they were, that does raise the question of whether you can copyright a language.

Read the entire article here.

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