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Ugh, I hate it when the klansman is right

I’d like to think that I am the real deal when it comes to protecting First Amendment rights… for that reason, I must reluctantly side with this ass-hat. Who is he? Robert E. Henderson – a Nebraska State Trooper who joined a group affiliated with the KKK, and for that he was fired from his job.

The Nebraska Supreme Court is debating whether Mr. Henderson’s First Amendment right to freedom of association trumps the State’s policy of not allowing troopers to be members of such groups. I personally can’t see how they could honestly say that he can’t serve as an officer just because of a group to which he may belong.

If he did one single solitary thing that could be construed as treating someone differently because of their race, I say can the bastard. But, if the state can say “you can’t associate with this group,” then where do they stop?

No, I don’t trust the state with that kind of authority, and neither did the founding fathers.

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