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Angela Leiner



Angela concentrates her legal practice on the areas of civil litigation, appellate practice, and family law. She serves clients in a variety of complex legal disputes. Angela is well-versed in the rules and knows her way around a courtroom. She is comfortable making sophisticated arguments in business litigation matters.  She also has the experience necessary to protect high net worth individuals, business owners, and parents in family court.  Angela is always an advocate who knows her client.  She takes the time to learn the case, cares about the people she represents, and works hard to achieve the best results, whether that is accomplished through negotiation or taking the case to court.

Angela’s first skillset is being a good listener.  She wants to understand your goals.  Second, Angela will do the work necessary to prepare your case.  Preparation and anticipation are important, because no one wants their attorney to be caught off guard.  Third, Angela develops a winning strategy. She has a plan to succeed, and she knows how to make quick adjustments when necessary.


“I learned to practice law in the courtroom. While I encourage settlement, I am ready to fight for my clients whenever necessary.”

— Angela L. Leiner, Shareholder

Angela has a broad background litigating all types of civil cases, especially in the areas of real property, contracts, and business disputes.  Angela gained substantial experience representing the banking industry in literally thousands of cases during the foreclosure crisis.  She routinely chopped through countless defenses, fake defenses, gamesmanship, and endless evidentiary challenges.  This right-of-passage allowed Angela to gain familiarity and confidence while learning to think on her feet and picking up the particulars of our local courts.  Her constant presence in the courtroom made her a familiar face to most of the circuit civil judges in the Tampa Bay area.

When Angela grew her practice, she translated her experience into representing businesses and individuals in all types of cases, including contract, fraud, trade secret, and other business tort cases. Angela works on business, corporate, and entity formation, both for nonprofit and for profit organizations.  She also works in the corporate counsel role advising business clients on contract, operational, employment, and other issues.  Angela has a library of contracts and corporate documents developed over years of helping people protect and grow their businesses. 

Family Law

When Angela started her practice, many of her clients asked her to take on family law matters that called for her business and financial savvy.  With a graduate degree in Economics, Angela was always comfortable understanding money and numbers, so it just made sense.  She also tested her advocacy skills in high-conflict custody cases.  As a divorced parent herself, Angela has developed a knack for putting on a family law case, having successfully litigated cases involving high net worth division of assets, lifetime alimony, relocation, child abduction, and all types of modification and custody disputes.


Angela received her Bachelor of Science in Social Science with a concentration in Economics and Public Policy from Florida State University.  She then attended the University of Pittsburgh, and earned her Master of Public and International Affairs with a concentration in Economics and Social Development.  She then returned to Pinellas County to attend Stetson University College of Law, receiving her Juris Doctor in 2004.

Angela Leiner
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