About Us

RANDAZZA LEGAL GROUP is a team of attorneys committed to serving clients in sensitive positions, protecting free speech and adding value to your business.

We represent clients on a wide array of First Amendment issues, copyright and trademark protection and infringement cases, defamation cases, domain name disputes and employment law matters. Above all else, we handle these matters in a way that make clients proud to associate with us.



Your business is about making money and taking care of your family — not about your lawyers. We take the time to study your business and our role in it so that we can add value, not just send you bills.

Civil Rights Law


Clients are best served by attorneys with clearly stated, cohesive beliefs. While ours may make our job more difficult, they make our client relationships better.

  • Preserving the First Amendment, neither harming it through action nor inaction.
  • Ethical, honorable and vigorous client representation.
  • The client comes first until representation requires violating the previously stated principles. In that case, we must withdraw from representation.


We will not take cases if we think that the proposed course of action will do harm to the Constitution. The firm’s record of spirited, zealous representation of its clients has never, and will never, come at the expense of its ethics.

"The courts cannot be fair if they are not open to the public"



The nature of the firm’s work and expertise is not cheap. Nevertheless, we do have a commitment to taking pro-bono free speech cases, committing a percentage of our time to providing free services to those who could not otherwise afford us. We also have reduced-rate programs for certain clients.


The client is always in charge. We will offer candid analysis of your decision, but it is ultimately yours to make. Unless your choice conflicts with our ethical duties, we will abide by your judgment, though we may seek to inform it.


We are a small and focused practice, and thus we don’t take all clients. We offer a unique brand of expertise, ethics, tactics, and professionalism, reflected by our rates. Our practice is oriented to serve clients in difficult positions not only in a court of law, but the court of public opinion as well. Moreover, there are some clients we will not take. We will not engage in “scorched earth” litigation or other baseless actions. While other attorneys will take such cases, destroying your interests and handing you a large bill for that service, we refuse to do so.

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Our experienced team of lawyers provides exceptional legal services to clients by putting their needs first. We offer personalized attention and tailored solutions to protect clients’ rights, interests, and assets with professionalism, integrity, and efficiency. We value transparency, communication, and building long-lasting relationships with our clients. Contact us today for legal assistance.

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