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First Amendment Law

first amendment law

When someone tries to do harm to the First Amendment, we get upset. Our firm’s credo is that we shall not cause harm to the First Amendment, nor though inaction allow the First Amendment to come to harm.

Whether it is an over-zealous government official trying to squelch our First Freedom, or it is a spoiled and tempestuous party bringing an unfounded defamation suit, we’ve been there, and we’ve stood up for our fellow citizens’ First Amendment rights.

If someone has threatened your First Amendment rights, we are likely up to the job. In doing so, we do not turn you away because your speech is unpopular. That is the point of the First Amendment. We don’t need Constitutional protection for speech we all like — it is there precisely to protect that which challenges our beliefs and which pushes us outside our comfort zone.

We frequently help people who find that the rich guy they criticized has skin too thin and a wallet too fat for his own good. When that is the case, we love getting involved. Teaching bullies a lesson is our favorite pastime, especially when the First Amendment is at stake. Government officials trying to shut down your venue, your strip club, your protest? We want to help.

Whatever the case, we seek to preserve the First Amendment and ensure the right to free speech, however small or persecuted the speaker.

I am for the First Amendment from the first word to the last. I believe it means what it says.

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