Practice Areas

First Amendment Law

When someone tries to do harm to the First Amendment, we get upset. Our firm’s credo is that we shall not cause harm to the First Amendment, nor through inaction allow the First Amendment to come to harm.

Whether it is an over-zealous government official trying to squelch our First Freedom, or it is a spoiled and tempestuous party bringing an unfounded defamation suit, we’ve been there, and we’ve stood up for our fellow citizens’ First Amendment rights… READ MORE


Intellectual Property Law

Trademarks can arise through common law use or registration, and apply to brands, services or products offered by an individual or company. If you create products for others to use, manage a brand, or offer unique services, you may have a trademark in them, particularly if they’re unique.

Others may try to appropriate your trademarks and copy your brand to cash in on your hard work. After you do the work of creating a brand and recognizable property, they get the payday… READ MORE


Internet Law

At the internet’s inception, the bar for calling oneself an “internet lawyer” was, by today’s standards, low. As technology and the power of web design has accelerated, the law has kept up — barely. We, however, take pride on being on the edge of internet law and helping our clients navigate the uncertainty of emerging laws and precedent… READ MORE


Domain Name Law

Domain names are increasingly part of a brand, and having the right domain name is critical to succeeding in online business. Nefarious individuals known as “cybersquatters” often try to buy and hold a domain name similar to a successful company’s, forcing the rightful name holder to pay the squatter for the domain name’s use. Often, cybersquatters will run pay-per-click sites on their poached domains, earning money off of people who thought they were visiting your site… READ MORE


Civil Rights Law

We are strongly committed to the protection of your civil rights. We are supporters of the Freedom From Religion Foundation and have worked against anti-marriage equality forces in Massachusetts, Florida, and California. In many such cases, there is no option but to litigate and we have proven not only our ability to do so, but our desire to ensure your rights are given the protection they are guaranteed by the Constitution.

We handle civil rights matters of all kinds… READ MORE


Adult Entertainment Business Law

We understand the adult entertainment field, the law, and where the two meet. Adult entertainment businesses have the same needs as all businesses: Tax advice, intellectual property protection, and employment law advice. However, when adult entertainment businesses are at issue, the law takes some unusual turns.

We know how to navigate those turns. Adult businesses’ similarity to normal business is as pronounced as its differences… READ MORE


Gaming & Gambling Law

Gaming, whether online gaming or console video games, or in the form of gambling, is an area fraught with legal peril. Online gambling faces stringent regulation in the United States, often supplemented with spirited enforcement by the Federal Government. Gambling in physical locations requires the navigation of complex state laws in some states, and in others gambling is only allowed on Federal Indian Reservations, often requiring a complex series of treaties, agreements and land-swaps to make the deal feasible… READ MORE


Protection of Erotic Expression

Pornography has been controversial and a target for censorship as long as it has existed. From Anthony Comstock to Andrea Dworkin to John Ashcroft, America has always been plagued by those who use the call for censorship of erotic materials for their own political gain.

It may appear arrogant and excessive to compare today’s pornography to the masterful brush strokes of Michelangelo… READ MORE



With multiple attorneys with experience as journalists and communications professionals, RLG understands defamation law.

Defending defamation suits is one of our areas of greatest involvement. We defend defamation suits nationwide, and have handled some high-profile defamation defense cases.

While we primarily defend defamation cases, we are willing to consider select plaintiff’s cases. For example, we filed a case against revenge porn operator Hunter Moore. We believed that it was the right thing to do… READ MORE