“The courts cannot be fair if they are not open to the public.” – Marc Randazza

Ronald Green of Randazza Legal Group and Maurice VerStandig of The VerStandig Law Firm currently defend professional poker player Nick Marchington in a lawsuit



Randazza Legal Group mourns the loss of client and friend Dennis Hof. He was a true warrior for freedom and liberty, championing causes that provided him little benefit but had significant First Amendment implications. It was an honor to counsel, defend, and befriend Dennis.

Randazza Legal Group mourns the loss and celebrates the life of Mark Hinueber. Mark was legal counsel for the Las Vegas Review-Journal and dedicated his career to defending the First Amendment and freedom of the press. We lower the flag to half mast in his honor.

ABC’s Nightline featured Marc Randazza regarding one of his current First Amendment cases which asks the question: is speech published by a Neo-Nazi news web site protected by the U.S. Constitution?

Marc Randazza’s CNN column discussing the infamous "Google Manifesto" analyzes how trying to punish or silence an unpopular opinion can damage the marketplace of ideas.

Marc Randazza’s CNN column analyzes recent conviction of Code Pink Protestor after the media suggested she had been arrested for laughing during a Congressional hearing...

Randazza Legal Group opens
trial documents to the public on behalf
of Argentine Journalist, Jorge Lanata

Randazza fights for cameras
in Florida Courtrooms

Marc Randazza commentary on CNN
about Why Redskins decision is wrong

Marc Randazza commentary on the
Establishment Clause on CNN

Marc Randazza commentary
on CNN about the
'Right to be Forgotten' Online

Marc Randazza commentary on
CNN about the Ethics of the
Donald Sterling Controversy

Marc Randazza commentary on
CNN about the First Amendment
& Donald Trump

Marc Randazza and Jordan Rushie
testify before the Pennsylvania Senate
Judiciary Committee assisting in
the passage of an Anti-SLAPP law
in that state.

Randazza Legal Group:
The Case for Relocating
Porn Production to Las Vegas

Randazza Legal Group managing
partner quoted in The Economist on
Internet Law issues surrounding
non-consensual pornography

Is Vegas the new Silicone Valley?

Randazza Legal Group defends
blogger in "Dear Author" suit

Marc Randazza commentary on CNN
about Donald Trump & Free Speech

Marc Randazza Interview on
Steubenville Rape, Defamation,
and the Limits to Free Speech

Porn's Most Powerful Players
Marc Randazza noted as one of the
most influential players in the adult
entertainment industry.

Marc Randazza on Good Morning
America explaining service provider
immunity for Cheaterville.com

Randazza defends Consumer Review
Website in Defamation Claim

Randazza defends Blogger sued
for Defamation by Ellora's Cave

Marc Randazza commentary on
CNN about Peter Thiel & Gawker

Randazza Legal Group
successfully lobbies for
new Nevada Anti-SLAPP law.

Marc Randazza Fights
for Klingon Language

Marc Randazza commentary
on CNN about Melissa Click's
and the First Amendment


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