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Randazza Legal Group is a team of attorneys who work nationwide on high profile and high stakes litigation.

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Our Focus

Our primary focus is high-stakes First Amendment and civil liberties litigation, upholding and defending the Constitution against all enemies. We also provide a full spectrum of business litigation, intellectual property, media law, and business law advice. Our intellectual property work is both domestic and international, and we particularly focus on the confluence of intellectual property rights and freedom of expression rights.

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Core Values

We will not cause harm to the First Amendment, nor through inaction allow harm to come to the First Amendment. We work to uphold and defend freedom of expression and the core values that the First Amendment protects. We uphold civil liberties in the United States and abroad, working with international partners and through our strategic alliances with other firms, world wide, to promote the cause of liberty.

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RANDAZZA LEGAL GROUP is a team of attorneys committed to serving clients in sensitive positions, protecting free speech and adding value to your business.

We represent clients on a wide array of First Amendment issues, copyright and trademark protection and infringement cases, defamation cases, domain name disputes and employment law matters. Above all else, we handle these matters in a way that make clients proud to associate with us.


Lawsuit - Worthley

Jeff Worthley filed a lawsuit against the School Committee of Gloucester and Superintendent Ben Lummis in Massachusetts Superior Court. However, the case was moved to the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

Worthley made four allegations in the lawsuit. The first two were based on violations of the First Amendment and Due Process under 42 U.S.C. § 1983, while the other two claims were based on violations of Free Speech and Due Process under G.L. c. 12, § 11.

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