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Gaming & Gambling Law

gaming and gambling law

Gaming, whether online gaming or console video games, or in the form of gambling, is an area fraught with legal peril. Online gambling faces stringent regulation in the United States, often supplemented with spirited enforcement by the Federal Government. Gambling in physical locations requires the navigation of complex state laws in some states, and in others gambling is only allowed on Federal Indian Reservations, often requiring a complex series of treaties, agreements and land-swaps to make the deal feasible.

Traditional gaming faces its own challenges. Some games may be based upon or even infringe on intellectual property designed by predecessors and require royalty payments. Similarly, game designers need to safeguard their own intellectual property, all while finding financing, retaining the rights in material designed by programmers and designers, and negotiating contracts with distributors.

We are available to advise and counsel you in any of these scenarios. By carefully examining the steps you must take in proceeding, we can preserve your interests and avoid potential conflicts. Because of our understanding, we are also able to represent you if your rights are violated by another party, or if you find yourself prosecuted by the government or persecuted by parents groups and other special interests.

Gambling is the future on the internet. You can only look at so many dirty pictures.

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