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Protection of Erotic Expression

protection of erotic expression
Pornography has been controversial and a target for censorship as long as it has existed. From Anthony Comstock to Andrea Dworkin to John Ashcroft, America has always been plagued by those who use the call for censorship of erotic materials for their own political gain. It may appear arrogant and excessive to compare today’s pornography to the masterful brush strokes of Michelangelo. It is far more arrogant, though, for anyone to appoint themselves as qualified to decide what expression and what art will eventually lead mankind to gaze upon it hundreds of years from now as an integral part of our cultural history. Simply put: Those who wish to stamp out pornography wish to stamp out ideas. We strongly believe that the remedy for bad speech is more speech, not censorship. Prosecutions for obscenity did not stop in the early 1990’s in the wake of the failed prosecution of 2 Live Crew, but continue to this day. Powerful figures in government and society push for well-known and controversial producers and performers of pornography to go to jail — losing their most fundamental freedoms — as a consequence of their expression. We have a depth and breadth of experience defending clients with products in various sectors of the adult entertainment industry. Whether your focus is on live entertainment, internet content, devices, distribution or another facet of this wide-reaching sector, we have the tools to serve you. From 2257 compliance to facing down Federal prosecutors, we are able to help you comply with existing laws, continuing your operation without constant fear of legal repercussion, and facing it vigorously and comprehensively if it arises.

Obscenity is whatever happens to shock some elderly and ignorant magistrate.

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