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A Banana is proof of what?

Would she do this with a "real" banana?
Would she do this with a 'real' banana?

When I think of things that you can do with a banana, proving the existence of a deity does not immediately come to mind. That’s exactly what this goofball does.

If you want a great laugh, watch it once with the volume turned up, and then watch it again with the volume off.


Ok, fine, you win. There is a god, and bananas are proof. I don’t think that I need to tell you where this banana winds up. Wow, as a matter of fact, it appears that zucchini, eggplants, cucumbers, and bowling pins all *also* prove the existence of a deity!

Of course, this nit wit seems to have forgotten that the bananas you get in the store have been genetically engineered to be that way by (drum roll) mankind!

This is how 'god' or 'evolution' (take your pick) made the banana
This is how 'god' or 'evolution' (take your pick) made the banana
As a commenter said:

[T]his idiot doesn’t know he’s demonstrating with a banana formed by generations of human intervention. He ought to go find himself a “real” banana – one that looks like they did before humans got involved. They are small, don’t really have “grooves” and are best eaten black!

There might be a deity. The existence of bananas neither proves nor disproves it, but the theory is major LOLICOPTERZ.

Hat tip to Nobody’s Business

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