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A breath of fresh air at Princeton

It seems that not all Princeton students are politically correct idiots who can’t string together a coherent sentence.

While the victim studies types are whining to remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from a building, because he apparently harbored racist views, there are at least a few who paid attention in their high school classes. (source)

Academic discourse consists of reasoned arguments. We simply wish to present our own reasoned arguments and engage you and other senior administrators in dialogue. We will not occupy your office, and, though we respectfully request a minimum of an hour of your time, we will only stay for as long as you wish. We will conduct ourselves in the civil manner that it is our hope to maintain and reinforce as the norm at Princeton.


That’s an interesting idea.  It doesn’t work rhythmically with “hey hey, ho ho,” but who am I to judge?

But here is the jewel in their statement:

We firmly believe that there should be no space at a university in which any member of the community, student or faculty, is “safe” from having his or her most cherished and even identity-forming values challenged.


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