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America’s War on Sex

The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists has named Marty Klein’s America’s War on Sex the “Sexuality Book of the Year”

Dr. Joy Davidson, who presented the award, called Klein’s work “frightening, funny, and a great read.” She underlined its achievement in presenting a clear picture of how the repression of various aspects of Americans’ sexuality—health care, education, entertainment, private expression, art, victimless crimes—is all related. The Theocratic Right, American government at all levels, and so-called “decency” groups are systematically undermining secular democracy as they work together to over-regulate sexuality.

Klein keeps a regular blog, Sexual Intelligence. I am a regular reader, and a big fan. Klein consistently and scientifically debunks the insanity that the erophobes try and cram down our throats in the culture wars.

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