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An event for the free speech-minded

By J. DeVoy

The Lords of Acid are touring!  For those who haven’t heard of this group, it’s the kind of bizarre music and stage act that only a First Amendment zealot can truly appreciate.  For others familiar with the group, this is a bit of a head-scratcher, as it hasn’t released new material in roughly a decade.  It is, however, up every Satyricon reader’s alley.


Perhaps this is not in the top tier of shocking concerts like Gwar’s and Gorgoroth’s, but it’s enough to raise puritanical eyebrows across “are” country.

Also headlining with the Lords of Acid is My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult (“TKK”).  While not as extreme as the Lords, TKK has always proven to be a funky, campy, good time, with subtle overt satan-worship thrown in the mix.  I last saw the band live on Thanksgiving 2007, when I blew off the turkey, and my sister came out to visit.  We share a special bond of thinking that day is worthless.

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