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And the inevitable happens…

Some dipshit insists upon passing “Caylee’s Law.”

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas state Sen. Chris Harris says he will introduce a new law to make it a felony for a parent or guardian to not report a missing child.(source)

You know, because there is just a rampant problem with parents finding their kids dead and then not telling anyone. Seriously, if there is a parent out there whose kid went missing, do you really think that fear of prosecution is going to change their behavior? If my kids were missing for 5 minutes, I’d be screaming at every cop, FBI agent, and underworld mob figure I could contact, demanding that they find them. But, I suppose I qualify as a decent parent. On the other hand, if some parent out there doesn’t give a shit if their kid is missing, do you think they’re going to say “well, I would just sit here and suck on my crack pipe, but I don’t want to get in trouble. I guess I’ll call the police and report my kid missing… then I’ll smoke some more crack.”

Can we please pass “Marco’s Law?” If any legislator proposes a law named after a dead child, the legislator should lose their position, then they should be dragged out into the street, and someone should shove a live cactus up their ass.

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