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Baldwin, Florida – Another Day, Another Peckerwood Town Passes Another Dumb Law

A town that is probably a poster-zone for the Mullets Galore website don’t seem to have no cause to be tellin’ nobody how to dress. Nevertheless, Baldwin, Florida is the latest racist peckerwood town to waste its time passing an unconstitutional law against them damn kids and their baggy pants. St. Pete Times story.

The new law in this little place in northeast Florida makes it illegal within town limits to wear baggy, below-the-butt pants, and comes with punishments ranging from 40 hours of community service to a $500 fine. The five-person Town Council passed it last month unanimously.

Do you think that the racist hee-haw junkies that run this town are considering banning Mullets? How about Oakley sunglasses? Fat white women in “mom jeans?” Jean shorts on men?

Although these fashion disasters are just as bad as low-rider pants (which I agree look stupid as all hell), they come from the trailer-park side of the tracks. And y’all don’t mess with that in these here parts.

Baldwin Town Council member Guy Ambrose proposed the law. He is quoted as saying: “This town, in a lot of ways, built who I am. I think we’re losing that nowadays.”

If Mr. Ambrose is losing what he is because of low-rider pants, my assessment is that he wasn’t much to begin with.

If freedom doesn’t mean being free to wear what you want, no matter how dumb it may look, then what the hell does freedom really mean?

Do you really want this pork-rind eating, Hee-Haw watching moron deciding what you can and can’t wear?

Guy Ambrose

Lets recap:

This is legal attire in Baldwin:

So is this:

And this:

This is jes’ fine!

This? A-ok, Bubba!

This too – legal as tap water:

but this is illegal:

As is this:

Any questions?

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