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Asshat or Imbecile?

Even if he was right, and it wasn't illegal.. WTF?
Lets say you make $94,000 a year in a great job as a clerk at the Massachusetts Court of Appeals. Lets then say that some kid emails you asking you to write a term paper for him for $300, and you agree to do it.

Does that make you an asshat or an imbecile?

Now lets say that the “kid” was really an undercover investigative reporter.

That makes you screwed.

Damian Bonazzolli, the man in question, even wrote to the undercover reporter that there was nothing illegal about writing a term paper for money.

In an email exchange, Bonazzolli said turning in a paper that he had written would not be illegal. “I am aware of no state or federal statute that prohibits such a practice. This is not the equivalent of, say, lying on a federal employment or tax form,” he said. “Could your school take disciplinary action? Of course. But that’s quite different from a criminal prosecution.” (source)

Maybe he should have asked Bob Ambrogi before rendering that opinion. Bob found that Massachusetts has a law directly on point.

Of course, I would hope that someone in his position wouldn’t need to care about whether it is illegal or not.

H/T: Debra Weiss

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