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Belated – Don't Be Mad At Sony – It Learned from Us

Although Sony reversed course, this post by Brad Willis is still spot on.

Capitulation. That’s a hell of a word. Last time it occurred to me, it rhymed with something called The Patriot Act.

Ask yourself this: in the name of security, in the name of Protecting the Homeland, in the name of protecting what America holds dear, what have we as a nation given up? What ideals did we surrender in the name of keeping us safe? (source)

He then gives us a laundry list of the civil liberties we gave away in the false name of “security.”

[I]f you’re mad at Sony because you’re afraid it makes America look weak and willing to give up its ideals in the face of fear, just remember this: we set our Constitution on fire and watched it burn for a decade in the name of feeling safe.

That is, to the people in government who might be furious: don’t ask how an American corporation learned to capitulate to invisible terrorists.

It learned by watching you.(source)

Spot on, Mr. Willis.

Just as spot on, a commenter on that post had this to say:

We’re all so damned worried about preventing the “next 9/11″ that we’ll be shocked at our “first Tiananmen Square”. (author)

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