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Blog L00T: Another Installment.

W00t! W00t! It’s the Hayes Blog L00t!

This is Chris, back again for another update of the L00T!  Our blawgers-in-crime have been posting a multitude of sensational stories, stories we’ll think you’ll enjoy reading…

Some Judges Prefer Being on All Fours Rather than Sitting on the Bench

Our first story comes from Above the Law, where David Lat uncovered a salacious story involving “Jungle Fever” – the exact words used by the plaintiff in the ethics complaint.  Apparently, Madam Justice Lori Douglas of the “Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench Family Division” stepped down because of a pending ethics complaint and a $67 million dollar lawsuit against her and her lawyer husband.  Evidently, Alex Chapman, an African-Canadian man, filed a sexual harassment suit against the couple.  Chapman claims that Justice Douglas’s husband showed him salacious pictures of the judge and encouraged him to bang her.   Chapman alleges that the Justice’s husband suffers from a specific strain of “Jungle Fever”:  he apparently gets off on watching African-Canadian men getting it on with white women. (source).

Cosmo Magazine Prints Articles By Kids Who Know Very Little About Sex


Marty Klein at Sexual Intelligence gets asked all the time to be interviewed about sex.  Normally he says no, no, no, but apparently today he said yes, yes, YES!  Klein submitted to an interview by a magazine that he calls “Young Women Interested in Sex” (YWIS). I am making the assumption that this is referring to Cosmopolitan Magazine. Dr. Klein points out the dilemma with publications that claim to be liberating women, by educating them about sex. Meanwhile the authors choose to classify the sexes through a cacophony of stereotypes about men and women and their accompanying feelings about sex.  The end result is a lack of emphasis on the importance of communication, something critical in a relationship, and more of a focus on trivial issues, which in fact cause more insecurity in a relationship.  Also, apparently “talking during sex” ruins the mood – at least according to YWIS.  You can check out Dr. Klein’s post here, at Sexual Intelligence.

For Those Who Drink POM, You WERE LIED TO.

Michael Atkins at Seattle Trademark Lawyer brings us a tale of the pomegranate-stained hands defense.  Apparently, POM, a maker of pomegranate juice, sued Welch’s for false advertising.  Welch’s made a “100% White Grape Pomegranate” juice, which does not disclose the percentage of any of the juices on the label.  Evidently, Welch’s juice did not contain very much pomegranate juice (allegedly, since we don’t know the exact percentage).  Welch’s subsequently filed a motion for summary judgment asserting an unclean hands defense alleging that POM’s juice isn’t pure either, and in fact had trace amounts of elderberry in it.  ELDERBERRY I TELL YOU! (source)


VIDEO Keeps ‘Em Honest


Backroom dealing has been going on, in Massachusetts especially, since the Mass Bay Colony was started in 1620, we think. Of course, in 1623, the Puritains kicked out the drunkards and womanizers from Plymouth, so they went up to Cape Ann, where they lived happily-ever-after and then built the greasy pole. Fellow Cape Ann native, Robert Ambrogi at Media Law highlights the effectiveness of using video to expose frequent violations in my (and Randazza’s) beloved Commonwealth. These political “leaders” now understand what the cops in the Rodney King video felt like back in ’92, well except for the exhilaration of beating the living shit out of a guy who couldn’t fight back.  Check it out at Media Law:

The Illusion of the American Meritocratic Model:


Conor Friedersdorf tears the veil off of the meritocratic fairy tale of American higher education.  He begins by debunking the argument that kids who excel at elite colleges, because they are “smart” enough to get in, deserve to rule the country. (Although having smart rulers is a welcome change – thank you President Obama) What a lot of people don’t understand is that admission to elite colleges is not necessarily a meritocratic process.  People who have money, parents that are college educated, and students that are attending high schools that regularly send kids to the Ivy League have a disproportionate advantage in admissions. It doesn’t hurt that these kids tend to be well off, not needing a part-time job to sustain themselves or the family on school nights.  Friedersdorf presents an insightful piece about who is really running the country – and why the elites continue to stay in the elite. Read more at the Daily Dish at The Atlantic .

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