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First Amendment Bad Ass

Steve Swander

We lower the Satyricon’s flag to half mast today in honor of Steve Swander, the Immediate Past President of the First Amendment Lawyers’ Association. Mesothelioma took his life at 3:45

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Occupy Wall Street Has Something for Everyone

Politics, economic debate, and now hot chicks. And incredible bad asses: [youtube=!] And even judges with some balls (ok, this was in Nashville) [youtube=!]

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Rep. Steve Cohen on SLAPPs

Representative Steve Cohen, the Legal Satyricon’s favorite Congressman (source), provides an editorial in Roll Call on SLAPP litigation and the Dan Snyder case (prev. blogged on here).

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Write a poem, go to jail

by Charles Platt The text of the poem is circulating freely online, so, here it is: — THE SNIPER As the tyrant enters his cross hairs the breath he takes

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Libel Tourism Law Passes!

Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) represents the people of Memphis, TN. His district also includes Graceland. That can’t be a coincidence, because he is the Congressional King of Free Speech legislation.

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