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Justice Scalia Pardoned

by Jay Marshall Wolman From time to time, I read the blog “A Public Defender” by the pseudonymous Gideon.  Today, in the wake of Justice Scalia’s death, he decided to

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“If you protest, you’re just inciting the police to shoot you, so what do you expect?” Pretty stupid, huh? How about, “if you don’t want people to protest, then don’t

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Gov. Dewey was Wrong: Obama 2016

During his 1944 campaign for President, N.Y. Governor Thomas Dewey argued that permitting Pres. Roosevelt to have a fourth term was a dangerous threat to freedom. Gov. Dewey lost in

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Increase the size of Congress?

This is a pretty compelling idea. For the first 140 years of the republic, the House increased in size with the population in varying degrees, going from 65 members originally

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