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Super Bowling for Dollars

by Jay Marshall Wolman Yesterday, on Twitter (yes, I’m on Twitter @wolmanj), I shared an article by Mike Masnick from 2012 regarding the myth of the Big Game/Super Bowl nomenclature.

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Spics Not Welcome

by Jay Marshall Wolman By now, you have probably heard that Simon Tam won his case before the Federal Circuit regarding his attempt to register a trademark for his band

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And Then a Sensible Dinner

by Jay Marshall Wolman, CIPP/US I was driving home from Philadelphia this past Sunday after a wedding, when I learned about the dietary habits of Attorney Rand Spear. (Something like

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From the "I'm So Clever" File

Federal Judge Slaps Back Dino M. Zaffina in Darts Trademark Battle – Los Angeles News – The Informer Odd story.  Basically, some dart fan joins the Southern California Darts Association. 

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Devaluing your competitor's brand

By J. DeVoy Trademark law provides brand holders protection from competitors or third parties infringing upon, diluting or tarnishing their business marks, but what happens when the damage comes from

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