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Super Bowling for Dollars

by Jay Marshall Wolman Yesterday, on Twitter (yes, I’m on Twitter @wolmanj), I shared an article by Mike Masnick from 2012 regarding the myth of the Big Game/Super Bowl nomenclature.

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Spics Not Welcome

by Jay Marshall Wolman By now, you have probably heard that Simon Tam won his case before the Federal Circuit regarding his attempt to register a trademark for his band

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And Then a Sensible Dinner

by Jay Marshall Wolman, CIPP/US I was driving home from Philadelphia this past Sunday after a wedding, when I learned about the dietary habits of Attorney Rand Spear. (Something like

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From the "I'm So Clever" File

Federal Judge Slaps Back Dino M. Zaffina in Darts Trademark Battle – Los Angeles News – The Informer Odd story.  Basically, some dart fan joins the Southern California Darts Association. 

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