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Cell Phones / Texting / Voicemail Sucks

This has virtually nothing to do with the purpose of this blog, but I just read this article on cell phone etiquette. I agree with most of it, but I think that the death penalty should be imposed on anyone who is yapping on their cell phone in a confined area. Immediate painful death …. by BEES.

Which brings me to my random issue of the week, why I refuse to have voicemail on my cell phone.

Even the best cell phone has awful sound quality. Not to mention, my stinking Treo can lock up for 10 minutes when I try and call. Plus, the sheer number of calls can overwhelm your voicemail. Finally, the fools who decide to tell me the history of the world on my voicemail just drove me over the edge. I canceled my voicemail. Why? Because everyone can text message now.

Texting is fabulous. You have 160 characters or less to tell the recipient what you want to say. If you can’t boil it down that much, then why are you calling them? You obviously haven’t thought about why you are calling, and/or you are destined to waste 10 minutes with “whats up lately?” banter.

Also, I got sick of friends who would call my damn cell phone at 2:30 PM on a weekday and ask “hey, whatcha doing?” IM WORKING YOU STUPID ASS! Would usually be my answer. But, you know, one shouldn’t leave a friend hanging who might actually NEED you. So, then I started getting 10 voicemails a day from my so-called friends, who can’t seem to grasp that WORKING does not mean “catching up on the phone.” If I yap for 10 minutes, my work doesn’t disappear! I just get to go home 10 minutes later that night.

Enter texting.

No yapping. No nothing. No sitting there listening to “your next message was received at 2:22 Pee Emmm”. None of that. 160 characters of “what do you want and why?”

Everyone should get rid of voicemail. Its time has passed.

Text me.

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