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Chrysler vs. Lake Mary High

Seriously? They thought that this was just fine?

Lake Mary, Flori-duh was looking for a new logo for their high school sports teams. Since Flori-duh has decided to focus all of its education on teaching kids to pass the FCAT, I guess they didn’t have an art teacher at that school. Either that, or they just figured that it would be a lot easier to simply use the Dodge Ram logo. So that’s what they did. Same logo, same color, they just took the border off of it.

Chrysler was not amused. Lake Mary High has until the end of the year to change the logo.

On a happy note, a local dealership is paying for the school to come up with a new one.

I completely agree with Chrysler’s right to enforce its mark. However, I wonder if it might have been smart marketing on their part to come up with a licensing agreement for the school. Not that I think the school is being unfairly bullied — they aren’t (it was a stupid move on their part). I just wonder if it wouldn’t be great marketing to have high school teams wearing the Dodge logo all across the country.

I guess that I could insert some joke about Chrysler not wanting its products associated with an inferior product, like a Florida public school. But, Lake Mary High happens to be a pretty well-respected high school.

H/T: Overlawyered

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