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Congratulations to Brian and Amanda Misuraca

Well my “little” cousin Brian got married last night. Watch the video here. I wish that all my friends and family members would be so considerate as to do it this way. Four minutes and thirty three seconds of my life was taken up watching this solemn occasion. Now I get Amanda as a family member for a lifetime.

That is a thousand times better than the complete lack of consideration that goes into most wedding plans – especially when they are in the fall and interfere with my NFL games. Listen ladies, when you are picking a damn wedding date, FIGURE OUT WHEN THE PATRIOTS HAVE A BYE WEEK OR I AM NOT COMING, well, or I will get there late or bring a portable TV into the church.

No, I do not want to spend $500 on plane tickets, and $500 on a hotel room, only to give you a gift that you registered for. Brian and Amanda, you are officially my favorite couple.

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