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Cooking like an alpha

By J. DeVoy

Crime and Federalism has been providing recipes for a few weeks now.  They’re good.  But where C&F has addressed substance, we feel compelled to provide style pointers.  Of course, leave it to the Scandinavians, who burned churches and killed one another to prove whose black metal band was most badass, to show us the way:


And who can overlook one of the most manly foods of all, bacon?


Cooking should always be this dramatic.  One takeaway from the “sidepork” video that’s related to cooking: There is nothing more gratifying than eating the raw flesh of a rival organism.  Eat sushi, order your steaks blue, and try to sear as little flavor as possible out of your meats.  The bigger the animal, the better the sensation, because you’re not just eating it – you’re conquering its very existence.

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