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Cops are out of control, but maybe its not their fault

I need not collect a compendium of links to show you that American police are more out of control than the crips and the bloods ever were. But, you know what? Maybe if we got rid of the chickenshit laws like underage drinking, possession of marijuana, and the like, they wouldn’t have such an us-vs-them attitude.

A 20 year old kid who wants to drink a beer is not a “criminal.” Some guy who wants to smoke a joint is not a “criminal.” These are usually completely normal people, who are no threat to the state or their neighbors. But, when they are “criminals,” all of a sudden the pie chart of who is a criminal vs. who is “law abiding” starts to look a bit fucked up.

Perhaps we get rid of chickenshit laws, and crap like this doesn’t happen.

Or perhaps we can just require that cops with major personality disorders go find other jobs…

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