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Disagree with feminists? That is a crime in Canada

Yep, Canada has become such a politically correct sackless nation that you’re not allowed to disagree politically with feminists anymore. (source)

Update: A reader correctly pointed out that this is not yet a conviction – just some prosecutor decided that this was a crime. We’ll see what the court and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms has to say about it.

But, the mere fact that a prosecutor was willing to bring charges based on these facts is quite troubling.

UPDATE: A reader provided this counterpoint. The counterpoint is from a blog, Canadaland, so make of it what you will — but if it is to be believed, there’s more to this story than the National Post is reporting.

On reputation, I’m more inclined to believe the National Post, but I’m certainly carrying enough skepticism to give Canadaland a fair shake.

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