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Finally Homeland Security does something useful!

Behold… the anti-terrorism tool of the future. The Department of Homeland Security’s fleet of SNO-CONE MACHINES. Yep, 13 state of the art, freedom makin’ sno-cone machines. $11,700 worth. (source)

For those of you who think this is a waste of money, you’re idiots. Where do terrorists and illegal immigrants come from? Hot places. Deserts and Mexico, right? Well, you turn one of these bad boys on, and they’ll be running for a sand dune faster than you can yell “TACO TACO!” Plus, have you ever seen an arab eat a sno-cone? No! How about a Mexican? I never have.

So, kudos to our leaders. These things should scare the living shit out of those freedom-haters and freeloading welfare cheats!

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