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Genital mutilation of child ordered by Third World court

This is a horrifying story.

A little girl in Somalia was born to a couple who are no longer together. The father believes in a practice where they remove a portion of the girl’s genitalia at birth. The mother does not share those beliefs. Despite her efforts to save her daughter from genital mutilation, for the past 3 1/2 years, a local Sharia court has ruled in the father’s favor. The Sharia court ordered that the father can have the little girl’s vagina mutilated, but to make matters worse, the Sharia Judge ruled that the mother was not allowed to even lead the little girl to believe that she was not in favor of having her daughter’s genitals mutilated.

To read about this barbaric third-world country and this awful misogyny, read the full story here.

UPDATE: WHOOOOOSH!!!! That’s the sound of the point sailing over a lot of readers’ heads.

This did not happen in Somalia — it happened in Florida.

And it wasn’t a little girl. It is a 3 year old boy.

Fuck any of you who mutilate kids’ genitals, boys or girls. You’re sick fucks.

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