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GooGoo For Gaga Feminism

By Tatiana Von Tauber   

Lady Gaga is one rockin’ feminist and seemed rather proud of it during her interview with Larry King:  

“ Some of the things that I wear … lots of the new more original pieces, they’re meant to be kind of a rejection of what people view about women… I am a feminist. I want to change the way people view women…”   

Lady Gaga

Ultimately Gaga wants to create new limits for women. She’s not alone. The first and foremost thing to remember when taking up the challenge of creating new limits for women (or oneself) is that it takes balls and it take more than two. Many women don’t have any as they’re too worried about what others will think or say when they find out they have a set at all. Of course, balls are useless without courage so don’t think about change without a wagon of that.  Clearly, Lady Gaga has lots of both. 

When I listen to Lady Gaga’s music I want to dance and sing and I feel good and realize, I get her lyrics, I like her tunes, I like her more than I ever liked any pop culture personality and I love her philosophy being she’s so young. More than that though, I admire Lady Gaga’s creativity and her genuine nature which others may describe as freaky but I describe as free. There’s nothing grander than freedom, not even love. 

Best of all, Lady Gaga is intelligent – such a nice change from what Disney puts out after Mickey Mouse Clubhouse training but that’s for the normal audience anyway. There’s so much good stuff to say about this young feminist that if all young women had a fraction of Lady Gaga’s level of personal vision, determination, passion, confidence and smarts, creating new limits for women would be a piece of cake. Men would just step aside confused. Dumbfounded. 

However, from the modern feminist view, she – the cutting edge feminist – would see the male confusion and walk up to take his hand and say, “Hey, come and help. Don’t just stand there looking dazed”. In the evolutionary wave of feminism, men and women’s difference is used to create a synthesis from the antithesis –together – to bring equality of mind, equality of human being and thus create a grandeur vision and commitment that involves using difference as the springboard for greater understanding and togetherness. Sex is hardly a good argument anymore because women such as Lady Gaga show us we all can be so much more than we ever thought oursleves to be.  She forces her audience to face the strange yet interesting part of human expression of itself and the life lived.  In fact, from an Existentialist point of view, Lady Gaga is the best expression of what it means to exist as Freedom

Gaga is a great inspiration to me. In terms of pushing the envelope I think Gaga is doing it in the most elegant of ways and few young women are elegant these days (especially in bubbles). Lady Gaga is the cutting-edge feminist showing women – and men –  that optimal potential and happiness lie in being true to oneself and good things happen to those courageous enough to live as an expression of one’s being and that living through one’s passion is the guide towards personal fulfillment and global impact.   

Quite frankly, my 4 y/o idolizes Lady Gaga and I’m not stopping the influence. At some point a child must be sacrificed in the name of feminism and Lady Gaga is in fact a product of what women began decades ago. If Gaga is an example of how far women have come, what influence will it have on today’s young girls?  Feminism needs a fresh approach and I love where Lady Gaga is taking it.    

Lady Gaga’s Larry King Live interview:

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