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Happy Halloweenie!

Up next from the “Chrissakes will you lighten up” department: It takes a special group of people to try to ruin Halloween. A handful of college students in Ohio (who have likely never had sex with a partner) are protesting certain Halloween costumes. Source. Their “I’m a culture, not a costume” ad campaign has a sufficiently forlorn looking collection of ethnically diverse students next to Halloween costumes that portray their particular ethnic background while holding a sign that says“This is not who I am and this is NOT OKAY”. There’s an asian chick in front of a geisha costume, a middle eastern guy in front of a terrorist costume,  a latino guy in front of a pistolero costume- you get the idea.

Since whitey didn’t make it into the campaign, may I, on behalf of my Norwegian brothers and sisters, be the first to protest the slutty Viking motif being peddled by these guys?  I can assure you Viking women never wore silver pleather. MAD FACE! And my catholic friend takes issue with the priest / nun costumes. Nuns don’t wear fishnet stockings! That’s offensive! My Wiccan buddy most definitely does NOT have green skin and PETA just called. Don’t even think about dressing up as a cat this year. What’s next? No “Occupy Wall Street” costumes because it’s insensitive to hippies? These are the kind of assholes that hand out apples and scented erasers to trick-R-treaters instead of candy.

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