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How Crystal Cox is helping to prove the strength of the First Amendment

If you read yesterday’s post, Judge rules, again, that blogger Crystal Cox is not a journalist. You know why? Because she ISN’T a journalist, it likely made you throw up in your mouth a bit.

But, in a way, this nutcase is helping to prove why, when confronted with bad speech, the best cure is more speech.

When she turned her attention to Kevin Padrick, there wasn’t much he could do about it except take the traditional road of filing a lawsuit. While that was successful, the damage was done — and seemingly couldn’t be undone. Other parties, who contacted me directly, told me of how they too had been victimized by her. Fortunately for her future victims, she decided to turn her attention to me. And fortunately for me, and her future victims, I have a strong belief in the superiority of using free speech to combat bad speech (without saying that other means are, per se, wrong). More fortunately, so do a lot of law bloggers.

You may have noticed last week how a lot of bloggers wrote nice things about me. Some of them are people I know. Some of them are complete strangers. All of them wrote what they thought was the truth, and they did so to show that “more speech” is the best cure for “bad speech.” They showed how Crystal Cox is completely impotent when her evil acts are confronted with more speech.

But, the campaign can’t be all about me. I’m just dandy. The campaign is now about exposing her so that she can’t engage in her extortion scheme against anyone else. Popehat is leading the charge, and naturally, the Legal Satyricon is next to Popehat, shields to shoulders. Sequence, Inc. is part of the solution too, by exposing the attacks on Kevin Padrick, and shining a light on Cox’s widespread extortion scheme, so is Philly Law Blog, and before any of the law blogger community jumped on the bandwagon, Salty Droid was out there all by himself, shining a little light — which is now accompanied by more and more lights.

Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

The cure for bad speech is more speech.

I believe, and I hope, that this story ends with those maxims being conclusively proven.

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