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I come bearing gifts

You may have noticed a lack of posts by your humble editor this year. Well, a week in Vegas plus two weeks thereafter puking your guts out will do that to your writing ethic.

But, I return bearing gifts.

A friend of mine is in a position to dole out a pretty awesome job for someone with a fresh JD. I am not going to publicly tell you what the job is, or where it is. You have to email me to get that information. Lets just say that in this day and age, any job is awesome. But, this one is a pretty cool clerkship for a court in a nice sunny place, and the pay is above $60K.

Requirements: I’ll pass your information along if you’re a regular reader and you’re not a douche. The job will require you to have decent grades, so don’t bother if you’re a “C’s get degrees” kind of student. I respect students like that, but you won’t get the job.

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