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I Wish I Lived in Brazil (or Singapore)

ABC News was trying to photograph lobbyists meeting with Democratic Party leaders at a hotel in Denver. For that gross affront freedom and authoritah, an entire squealing flock of blue-suited trash not only arrested the ABC producer, but made sure to add a little insult to injury in the process. (source)

Remember back in 1999? We still had a pretty vibrant First Amendment. It wasn’t without its tattered edges, but at least the cops didn’t arrest mainstream media producers for daring to stand with press credentials, holding video gear, on public sidewalks, reporting on public officials. We didn’t have “free speech zones.” We had our issues, but this was still America. Over the past 8 years, we turned from land of the free and home of the brave to land of the mewling fucking cowards.

This kind of thing would have happened in Singapore, but at least in Singapore you get a relatively un-corrupt government, really clean streets, and incredible food in exchange for having no free press rights. In Brazil, they would have kicked the pigs’ asses.

Here is what happened in Denver.


And in Brazil:


I’ll be honest. I’d have been too much of a wuss to do anything to the Denver pigs either. But, I sure would like to live in a country where either you get something in exchange for your lack of freedom (Singapore) or in a country like Brazil where cops get the ever loving shit beaten out of them by an angry mob when they get out of hand.

This country’s biggest problem is not terrorism, nor even the economy. Its problem is that the Constitution doesn’t mean anything anymore. The primary reason it doesn’t mean anything anymore is that the government and its over-compensating stump-dicked nazi pig troops aren’t afraid of anything. There are no repercussions from either their superiors or from the people when they piss on our most sacred freedoms. Nothing.

Patrick at Popehat thinks that police abuse is a good reason to support legalization of drugs (and he has a point). I think it is a good reason for every single American to have an assault weapon. Out of control police are getting worse, the good cops are not stepping forward to check the abuse by the bad cops, and today they are dragging away ABC news reporters. (Note, here is a rare example of a police chief taking responsibility for bad police behavior — so all is not lost, yet).

What do you think they’ll be doing in 10 years? Does anyone wonder why I belong to both the ACLU *and* the NRA?

And… lest you think that I’m a complete cop-hater (far, far, far from it), this just makes me laugh… I don’t think that a firing was warranted.


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