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Is Ron Paul for Real?

I still don’t think I would vote for him, but I can’t help but shake this feeling that there might actually be a Republican presidential candidate who isn’t a fascist.

More importantly, it seems that the mainstream media is trying to stuff the Ron Paul candidacy, but some of the poll results suggest that he might not go away.

Check these out:

  1. MSNBC Poll
  2. ABC News Poll
  3. Ron Paul on Bill Maher
  4. Ron Paul on Civil Liberties

I dunno, I really like this guy. He refuses to vote yes to any bill that he believes violates the Constitution. Amazing, a congressman who adheres to his oath of office! He refuses to participate in the Congressional pension system.

Again, I don’t agree with a lot of his views, and I don’t think I would ever vote for him (well, I will in the Republican primary). Nevertheless, wouldn’t it be a wonderful country if we had BOTH parties believing in the Constitution and believing in Civil Liberties? Not for nothing, he actually UNDERSTANDS terrorism? (I guess I may as well plug that I wrote an article about what Paul is saying way back in 1999, but it didn’t get published until 2002. Perhaps it should be added to Rudy Giuliani’s reading list)

It just seems like a win-win.

Or, we can behave like idiots again and nominate another fear mongering hack who truly hates freedom. Come on, we tried “hillbilly rule” for the past 7 years, and it didn’t work. Give the educated a chance. I don’t care if its Ron Paul, who I think is totally wrong on the economy, or Barack Obama. But can we PLEASE just kick Hillary AND Rudy AND Brownback AND Kerry (god forbid) to the curb?


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