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Is Sarah Palin really Shoichi Yokoi?

Sarah Palin's Role Model?
Sarah Palin's Role Model?

Shoichi Yokoi was a Japanese soldier who was sent to Guam during World War II. When U.S. forces recaptured the island in 1944, Yokoi went into hiding where he remained until 1972. Even when he was discovered, it took some work to convince him that World War II was over.

Alex Koppelman at Salon opines that Sarah Palin may be the Shōichi Yokoi of the culture wars.

Only she and her ideologically blinded supporters, like Japanese soldiers found in uniform on a deserted island years after the war is over, seem not to know it.

However, in this story, John McCain found her in her hole and didn’t have the heart to tell her that the culture war was over.

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