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This must be one of the strangest, but (to me at least) funniest public hobbies on the internet.

Christopher Jorgensen writes letters with just the right dash of snark and silliness and sends them off to various companies and famous people, and then posts their replies. He has suggested a urine absorbent thong line for Victoria’s secret, called hooey on 2,000 flushes (he only got 1,864 flushes), and informed Robitussin that their product makes a great cocktail ingredient. All had really funny replies.

Needless to say, most targets of his Jackass Letters don’t get the prank, and wind up seeming humorless or silly. Mr. Jorgensen even sent yours truly a letter. Lulz ensued.

His site really is a funny corner of teh interwebs. Check it out. You might waste hours over there, so you’ve been warned.

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