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Jonas Williams: If you are a process server, you damn well better not lie on your service affidavit

This is, in the grand scheme of things, not a very important case. However, to a lot of people, it might be.

There was a process server operating in San Diego by the name of Jonas Williams. Instead of actually serving the people he was asked to, he just signed the affidavits of service as if he did. I was not his first victim, but by golly I’m pretty sure that I’m his last.

My wife and I filed an abuse of process claim against the guy, and prevailed. It was a default, but he’s known about the case and just chose not to defend it. And, we had cell phone records showing that I was 20 miles from where he allegedly served me. I have heard from a number of people who had similar problems with this guy. (Including this poor soul, who the court did not believe) If you’ve been the victim of this kind of behavior, please feel free to rip off the complaint in this case and administer corrective disincentives to any process server that does this to you, but especially if it’s this Williams character.

If you’re thinking of hiring him as your process server (or for any other position requiring trust) – consider the potential ramifications of doing so.

Randazza v. Jonas Williams Complaint

Randazza v. Jonas Williams Judgment Papers

The best part of the news, it is not as if it is an uncollectable judgment. Process servers must carry surety bonds. I just cashed in Mr. Williams’ bond for a portion of the judgment.

If this has happened to you, don’t think that you’ll get nothing more than a worthless piece of paper.

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