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Journalist Privilege (To trespass and run someone over?)

Tesla reports that two apparent Reno Gazette Journal reporters trespassed on Tesla’s property, and then ran their car into a Tesla employee who was trying to take down their tag number. (source)

This is all Tesla’s side of the story, so I’ll see if there’s more to it.

Here’s the Reno Gazette Journal’s side of the story

The newspaper’s vehicle was damaged in the altercation. A rock had been used to shatter the driver’s-side window and the driver’s-side seat belt had been cut in half.

[Sheriff] Antinoro said he couldn’t confirm how that damage occurred.

But, here’s a free protip: if you’re gonna go trespassing, and then run someone over, don’t do it while wearing badges from your employer, in a car that has your employer’s logo on it. Just sayin’.

And if you’re a security guard, you don’t get to bash open windows with rocks and cut seatbelts.

Not saying that either of those things happened… but take the protips.

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