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Law Professor gets pwned by pornographer

Prof. Barry McDonald is a “First Amendment Professor” who doesn’t seem to know a freakin’ thing about the First Amendment. Not that Pepperdine is a bastion of intellectual prowess, but the fact that this ass clown has a teaching gig anywhere should shock us all.

Kudos to the L.A. Times for giving Mr. John Stagliano this platform upon which he can punk McDonald.

I remember when one of the qualifications to teach something was that you had to have actually done that thing. You want to teach at the motorcycle mechanics institute, you had better have fixed a motorcycle once or twice. McDonald seems to have learned First Amendment law by shoving his head up his ass and shitting in his own eyes. Having shit in your eyes does not qualify you as a “First Amendment expert.”

McDonald, U R PWNED.

And for formality’s sake:

Barry McDonald = AssHat of the week.
Stagliano = First Amendment Bad Ass

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