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Lawyer 2 Lawyer on the MBTA Hack Case

Williams & Ambrogi
Williams & Ambrogi
I recently appeared on J. Craig Williams and Bob Ambrogi’s show, Lawyer 2 Lawyer. We were discussing the MBTA hack case, which I blogged on here, here, and here.

Here is the summary of the piece.

It all started when three MIT students put together a presentation for their Network Security Class at MIT about their findings regarding the security vulnerabilities of Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s (MBTA) Charlie Card and Charlie Ticket. The MBTA sued the students and MIT in United States District Court in Massachusetts. Join bloggers and co-hosts, J. Craig Williams and Bob Ambrogi as they discuss this case with Tuna Chaterjee, a fellow at the Berkman Center and a Staff Attorney with the Citizen Media Law Project and Attorney Marc Randazza, First Amendment attorney with the law firm of Weston, Garrou, Walters & Mooney. We will take a look at the legal issues involved in MBTA vs. Anderson, the rights of these students, the lawsuit filed, First Amendment issues, security issues and what the future holds for these students.

This was a lot of fun. Williams and Ambrogi are great hosts. They keep the conversation moving along and thought provoking, but they sure don’t let you off easy. It was an absolute joy!

Listen to the podcast here.

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