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Looks like AMEX is a little uptight

I got an “invitation” to get the American Express Platinum Card. Yeah, $450 is a bit steep, but you get enough rewards points for a free round trip ticket on any airline. Not exactly worth $450, but I was curious about their concierge service. They are supposed to be able to, well, find you stuff.

No, they couldn’t find me a decent flight to Phoenix. No, they couldn’t find me a better hotel in Phoenix. (of course, it is Superbowl weekend).

I’m going to Cabo San Lucas in a few weeks, and just for laughs I figured I would ask the Concierge if he could find me the names of the adult entertainment establishments in Cabo. Not like I need the freakin’ Amex concierge to find them for me, but I just wanted to find out how good this concierge service was.

Here is what I got:

I hope your week is going well! Unfortunately we cannot provide Adult service information through American Express Concierge per company policy. We can however help you with other travel needs such as dining reservations, or securing tickets to a show.

Membership has its privileges, like making morality judgments for me.


It looks like AMEX isn’t so uptight after all! I got this and a clarification email today.

  1. Amnesia Showgirls
    Address: Boulevard Marina, Plaza del Sol, 2nd Floor, Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico
    Phone: (624) 144-4228
  2. Boleiro TDs – Table Dance
    Address: Corner of Lazaro Cardenas and Boulevard Marina, Upper level (3rd floor), in front of Hard Rock Cafe, Cabo San Lucas
    Phone: (624) 143-8599
  3. Lord Black Showgirls & Bar
    Address: Boulevard Marina Local 1, behind Plaza Nautica, Cabo San Lucas
    Phone: (624) 143-6344
  4. Mermaids Showgirls
    Address: Corner of Lazaro Cardenas & Vicente Guerrero, Cabo San Lucas
    Phone: (624) 143-5370
  5. Placers Showgirls
    Address: Second floor of Plaza del Sol, on Boulevard Marina, Cabo San Lucas
    Phone: (624) 144-4209
  6. Twenty / 20 Showgirls
    Address: Boulevard Lazaro Cardenas at Francisco Villa, Cabo San Lucas
    Phone: (624) 143-5380

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