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Louis Schneider, you don't stand alone

Louis Schneider was an associate at a Las Vegas law firm when he discovered evidence that his boss, who was about to make him a partner, had misappropriated trust funds.

Nevada, like most bars, has a “snitch rule” — meaning that if you find out about an ethical violation by another attorney, you are ethically obligated to report it. Schneider reluctantly turned in his boss, and blew his chances at partnership.

Schneider told the newspaper some in the legal community have criticized him for filing the ethics complaint, but he relied on lessons he learned from his father, a retired military man, in coming forward. “He has always told me you do the right thing, even if you stand alone,” he said. “I have always wanted to be an attorney, and I was not going to risk losing my license to practice law, or embarrass my son or my father.” (source)

One thing I really like about this guy is that it wasn’t as if he took this action lightly. He consulted with the state bar first, trying to find out if there was a way he could handle it without turning in his boss (and I presume, his friend).

Louis Schneider, you have very large chram, and you don’t stand alone. You are an asset to the profession and deserve our respect.

HT: Debra Weiss

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