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Male Dworkinite Pleads Guilty to being a Pervo

Lock up your daughters, the male feminist is in town

Kyle Payne
“feminist” sleazeball
& asshat of the week

This just in from the “it figures” department.

Kyle D. Payne describes himself as follows:

Kyle has studied the feminist anti-pornography movement and is particularly interested in men’s roles in confronting pornography and the rape culture. In addition to his pro-feminist work, he is involved with anti-racist, free speech, peace, and anti-globalization movements. (source)

On his blog, he waxes sycophantically about Gail Dines and her anti pornography crusade (source).

But the burning question is this: What does a self-professed male feminist who fights porn and works toward “a more just and life-affirming culture of sexuality” for women” do for kicks?

Police reports indicate that while attending to an intoxicated and unconscious female student, Payne reportedly assaulted and photographed her. The guilty plea entered Monday did not include assault charges. Tips received by police and campus security following the incident led to a 10-month investigation that resulted in Payne’s arrest in February. (source)

See also Iowa Blogger Pleads Guilty to Secretly Photographing Woman’s Breasts.

I can forgive 19 year old girls for being bamboozled by Andrea Dworkin types. They are still working out their father issues and trying to fit in, and are thus susceptible to the victim studies cult. On the other hand, any male who embraces the “teachings” of the prune svengalis needs to have his man card taken away.

Of course, any “man” who takes advantage of a passed out girl, especially one who has been entrusted to his care, never got a man card issued to him in the first place.

Kyle Payne, congratulations, you are the asshat of the week!

(Note, I did give Payne an opportunity to comment on this story. He deleted my post to his blog asking for a comment).

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