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Marc Randazza is an Opinion Writer for CNN on First Amendment issues. Here are some of his columns.

The “Pop-Up Keyboard” Defense: How Apps, Mobile Phones, and Terms of Use Work Together

From 2012-2018, First Amendment Attorney Marc Randazza published an opinion column for CNN, regularly providing commentary and analysis on current events and cases related to free speech, Trademark and Copyright, freedom of the press, defamation and much more.

See below for the articles Marc Randazza wrote for CNN during this time.


Randazza: Scottish comedian’s Nazi salute dog video was awful. But it wasn’t a crime [PDF]


Randazza: Even Trump has a right to free speech [PDF]

The best way to respond to Las Vegas massacre [PDF]

Randazza: Outrage over Google memo goes too far [PDF]

Rock band The Slants’ victory in court secures your rights [PDF]

Why Turkish embassy violence is unforgivable [PDF]

Jail for laughing protester is an outrage [PDF]

Dear Berkeley: Even Ann Coulter deserves free speech [PDF]


Does Melania Trump’s libel suit really threaten a free press? [PDF]

Is Peter Thiel right about Gawker? [PDF]

Texting cop a victim of thought police? [PDF]

Defend Donald Trump’s right to free speech [PDF]

Is the First Amendment safe from Donald Trump? [PDF]

For Missouri professor, the law bites back [PDF]

Passenger who beat his Uber driver should drop his countersuit [PDF]


Why you should speak up for slain blogger [PDF]

We don’t shoot people for bigoted views [PDF]

Decision on Asian-American band’s name is wrong [PDF]

What’s wrong with saying the Pledge in Arabic? [PDF]

What we risk when we ban racist speech [PDF]

Why schools should observe ‘Day of the Dude’ [PDF]


We need a ‘right to be forgotten’ online [PDF]

Stephen Smith is entitled to his opinions [PDF]

Posting Elliot Rodger’s video is legal, but is it right? [PDF]

What happened to Sterling was morally wrong [PDF]

Why Redskins decision is wrong [PDF]


N.J. texting ruling is not what you think [PDF]


It’s un-American to silence Limbaugh [PDF]

Chick-fil-A and free speech [PDF]

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