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Marijuana really brings out the asshole statist in everyone, doesn't it?

Federal prosecutors decided that it is time to make examples of the Californians who are supplying marijuana to willing customers.

Their rationale: People are making money off of it. Their heartstring argument, we can’t have people selling marijuana in stores near parks and schools. Yes, “what about the children?”


And a few states over, a Papa Johns pizza delivery driver called the cops on a guy who was smoking pot. (source)

Turns out the guy had a medical marijuana card, and when the cops got there they apologized for bugging him and left. Lets hear it for the Aurora police department!

On the other hand, Papa John’s seems to think that its driver, pissing on the very market that keeps the chain alive, was acting just as a “concerned citizen.”

“Papa John’s of Colorado wants to stand behind the decision that this delivery driver made. He was acting as a concerned citizen and for what he believes was the best interests of our community.” (source)

I don’t eat pizza from shit chains like Papa Johns anyhow. Even if I did, I certainly wouldn’t buy a pizza from those Kentucky – based fucktards now. I’d like to encourage everyone to boycott Papa John’s. Stack your freezer with DiGiorno’s or something, and then you pay $3 for the same crappy pizza, but you don’t have some wanna-be TSA agent coming in to your home to bring it to you. summed it up:

You have two species that have been living in perfect harmony for centuries, the Pothead and the Pizza Guy. These two not only used to live in harmony, they NEED each other to survive. Stoners and Pizza Guys are the true circle of life, a perfectly balanced system that keeps both alive. Pizza Guy gets money from high people, high people gets pizza, the world is a happy place. When these two breeds start turning against each other, its time to build a mountain fortress and wait out the apocalypse. (source)

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