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Maybe it was the Jesus, and not the Dope?

Nobody fucks with the Jesus

The Hunterdon County (NJ) Democrat had a headline that read: Marijuana-crazed teen runs from Clinton Twp. home in pajamas, barefoot, prompting widespread search, police report

The boy’s parents told Patrolman Sean Ross that the boy had been at home with a group of friends when he suddenly burst into their bedroom proclaiming “Jesus is our savior” and other related comments, police said. When the teen’s father tried to grab him, he ran from the house, leaving his friends upstairs, according to police.

After the friends were taken home by their parents, his father contacted them and found his son had become agitated and uncontrollable after smoking marijuana with them. The boy has no history of such behavior, police said. (source)

When they finally found him, apparently he had no memory of the past three and a half hours.

How come they blame the marijuana? Wouldn’t you think that bizarre and stupid behavior might more naturally be related to someone believing in a magic space zombie jew, than it would from smoking a plant?

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