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Maybe Sarah Palin was right – Can you see Russia from your house?

Sarah Palin said that she could see Russia from her house (or was that just Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin?). This video from Alaska makes it seem like perhaps Palin was speaking metaphorically. Heh… as if she knows what that means.


I’m certainly no fan of Lyndon LaRouche or the idiotic comparisons of Obama and hitler, but if this crowd had risen up and killed these security guards and cops, and I was on the jury for their murder trial, I wouldn’t have voted to convict.

Of course, the way our Federal Government behaves, maybe third reich comparisons are tired and tacky, but you can see how they might come to the surface of one’s imagination.


For those of you who travel on I-8 or I-10 (or even the back roads) in California and Arizona, these “border patrol checkpoints” are a regular sight. They’ve always pissed me off too, but I seem to get waved through each time I cross them. I guess they figure that a guy in a Porsche isn’t likely smuggling much.

I’m of course not advocating that we start killing cops when they trample on the Constitution… but I would like to ask a question: Why is it that we have thousands upon thousands of pissed off old white guys screaming about how Obama is hitler because he wants us all to have health insurance — but when things like this happen, we don’t see rallies, we don’t see Glenn Beck crying, we don’t really hear too much of an outcry? Every day we hear about some legislator wanting to pass a new law restricting our liberties, but we pretty rarely (if ever) hear about legislators trying to rein in this kind of behavior.

The fact is, I can see the Soviet Union from my house. Okay, maybe not from my house, but I can drive 40 minutes east, and as I approach that huge roadblock / checkpoint with armed guards and police dogs, I can see the Soviet Union from my car.

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