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Mexico… land of the free?

Living a mere 20 minutes from the Mexican border, it always seems funny to me that the U.S. side is supposed to be the “land of the free.” Meanwhile, if you want to buy certain drugs without getting a doctor and an insurance company involved, you just walk in to the Farmacia over the border and you can have whatever you like. If you want a hooker or to see a girl dance on stage without some christian-inspired puritanical laws in the way, or hell, if you just wanna catch a good old fashioned Donkey Show, you leave the United States. I’m not saying that I am tempted to move to Tijuana (or Vancouver) any time soon, but it does make the irony meter jump up a bit that of the “big three” in North America, the United States seems to have the least love of civil liberties.

It also seems funny that we consider Mexico to be a more “backward” country when Latin America seems to be doing just fine in terms of breaking the chains of theocracy. Meanwhile, the United States tries to be more like Iran with every election cycle. Well, now Mexico City joins Uruguay and some Argentinean cities in rebuffing the Pope and passing progressive human rights legislation.

the Mexico City initiative goes further than any other in Latin America by rewriting the law to redefine marriage as a “free union between two people,” not only between a man and a woman. It gives homosexual couples the same rights as heterosexual pairs, including the right to adopt, inherit, obtain joint housing loans and share insurance policies. (source)

Meanwhile, California let its religious zealots amend its constitution to revoke the civil rights of its gay citizens.

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