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Miley Cyrus

Yeah, yeah, Ken... I know.
Yeah, yeah, Ken… I know.
What do I think of Miley Cyrus’ “performance?”

Fuck you. That’s what I think of it.

Why was anyone even watching the “MTV” “music” “awards?” Who gives a sweet holy fuck about them?

A cabal of a few assholes picks their favorite corporate-approved “artists” and sells them to FUCKING SHEEP, and then the sheep are offended/aghast at what some prepackaged child did on stage?

If it bothered you, then go read a book or snort coke off an underage hooker’s ass next year instead of watching that crap. At least it will be your experience – and not some junk-mind-food garbage.

Miley isn’t the problem…. bleating herds of devolving sub-humans who buy that shit are. So if you were watching, punch yourself in the face until some clarity enters your mind.

There… doesn’t that feel better?

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